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Addiction recovery coaching

Dr Gabor Mate defines addiction as any behaviour whether substance related or not, that a person craves, finds temporary relief or pleasure in, suffers negative consequences as a result of, but still persists in and is unable to give up. 

The addiction is not the problem, it is a maladaptive attempt to cope with life. 

When working with a client, I do not ask why the addiction but why the pain?

As an addiction coach, I do not view addiction as a disease, I see it as ‘dis – Ease’ in the person.  The addiction is an attempt, most often, at filling a void within life. 

Addiction coaching helps people to understand this dynamic and correlation between the external search for gratification and the internal one that can lead to fulfilment and ultimate happiness. The main purpose of addiction life coaching is to improve life and reach for goals. The main goal of an addiction life coach is to form solid recovery groundwork by exploring the maladaptive behaviours using "Protector and Reduction Models".

 Addiction recovery coaches help clients recognize their strengths—like resourcefulness, creativity, and resilience—so they can use them to overcome challenges.